About Bond Concepts

Work, Meet & Connect

If you are going to rent an office space, there are many options. So what do you pay attention to? And what is decisive? For Bond Concepts, it's simple: the real added value is in making a connection. The name says it all: Bond Concepts stands for 'to Bond'. Whether you are a sole proprietor or an international company: if you rent at Bond, you are part of Bond. 

Locations to be proud of

Bond Concepts offers a unique total experience. Whether it's the reception, appearance, interior or facilities. The Bond experience is reflected in everything we do. In this story, we explain how we do it. It starts with a big dose of guts to draw our own plan. We see the potential in new properties and don't let a risky market stop us. We see the possibilities and not the limitations. Because of this, we always move forward and transform properties into something beautiful and impressive. Locations where people feel comfortable, where we and our clients can be proud every day!

A well-considered concept

Bond Concepts is a concept born from the years of experience of our founder and creator Alexander Oet. In 2014 he took the first step towards Bond Concepts with the purchase of the building now called "Bond Park" in Breda, but his experience in real estate goes back much further. Alexander now has more than 30 years of experience buying, selling, converting, revitalizing and operating real estate in Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Over the years, he has found out that real estate is more than just individual bricks. Connection must be made. Connection between the elements in the building, connection between the organizations who are renting and the buidings themselves, but especially connection between people. That is why Bond Concepts buildings are equipped with the right facilities and services that make everyone feel at home. Whether it is decoration, aesthetics, engaged employees or events organized for the tenants. Everything is done to make tenants, visitors and other guests feel welcome in Bond's buildings. All of this falls under Alexander Oet's well thought out concept, Bond Concepts!

Unique Bond-Ambiance

No matter which Bond location you visit, the same unique Bond ambiance prevails everywhere. A corporate look, but an anything but "sterile" work environment. The premises contain many playful elements in the furnishings, which feels like coming home. Bond employees place great value on personal contact, which manifests itself in pleasant and familiar dealings with tenants. Thanks to our friendly and professional welcome, any company that settles at a Bond location comes across well to its visitors.

Nobody unseen

We believe that bonding can only happen in a relaxed and pleasant working environment. At Bond Concepts, no one is unseen. No matter how big or small your business is: we love having you!

Total experience

Bond Concepts does not just offer meeting rooms and offices: much more is possible with us. Think about a good restaurant, spacious parking facilities, fitness rooms, a staffed reception and networking events. We offer our tenants a total experience. Facilities and services that relieve you as an entrepreneur. This relaxed fundamental gives you every opportunity to make new contacts and develop strong collaborations.

Bond Health

Fit at work? It's possible at Bond Concepts. Our Bond Park location features its own fitness room where you can work on your health. Or just relax and clear your head. Our trainers are ready to help you with effective and fun exercises. Bond Health is available to all of our tenants. Feel free to ask us for more information, we are happy to help.

Timeline of Bond Concepts


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